Have you have been injured in a road accident that was not your fault?

Let us assist you in your claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF)

We pride ourselves on:

- Professional, efficient service

- Dedicated teams working on each claim

- An open-door policy to welcome clients at our offices

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Need help with a claim against the Road Accident Fund?

After establishing that you have a claim, Moss & Associates will expertly assist you in gathering all the documentation necessary for your claim, advise you of all your options, and lend you our expertise in order for us to lodge your claim with the Road Accident Fund.  Competent and courteous staff will notify you of progress made and will welcome any queries you may have at any step of the process.  Moss & Associates will deal with your claim effectively, assuring you peace of mind and proper compensation for the trauma and suffering you or your family have experienced.

From our firm, you will benefit from:

  • Professional, efficient service.
  • Dedicated teams working on each claim.
  • An open-door policy to welcome clients at our offices.

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident is a distressing and painful experience for both you and your loved ones. Moss & Associates, dedicated attorneys with a drive for professional excellence, can ease this trauma by offering you knowledge and commitment, so that you may be adequately compensated and may depart from this otherwise upsetting experience with the gratification you deserve.